Manual – Poker Bankroll Tracker App


Track deposits and withdrawals

When you withdraw or deposit money from your bankroll, add a bankroll entry and select “Deposit/Payout” as the type instead of “Cash Game”. Enter a positive or negative amount.

Track expenses

If you want to track expenses for more than one session, such as airfare and hotel costs for a trip, add a new session and select “Expenses” as the type instead of “Cash Game”. Smaller expenses, such as parking for a session, can be entered directly into the “Expenses” field in the session.

Track a jackpot or bonus

If you win a Bad Beat Jackpot or similar, you can keep track of it without it affecting your game statistics. To do this, add a new bankroll entry and select “Jackpot/Bonus” as the type instead of “Cash Game”. You can also choose whether or not to include this win in your Cash Game/Tournament statistics.

Stacking other players

Insert a new session and activate the advanced view. In the “Staking” drop-down menu, select “I staked someone else” and enter the player’s name. Then enter the player’s Buy-In and Cashout, and below your Investment (how much you paid them) and your Income (how much you received from them). You can also do this using the percentage slider.

Selling shares

Add a new session and activate the Advanced View. In the Staking drop-down menu, select “I played by myself and sold share”. Then enter your session’s buy-in and cashout. In the “Shares income” field, enter how much money your backer contributed to the buy-in, and in the “Shares outgoings” field, enter how much money you repaid them after the session. You can also do this by using the percentage slider.

Variance calculation

The variance calculator tells you the expected variance based on your last cash game sessions. The white line shows your expected value (EV) in Big Blinds per 100 hands. The app takes your EV, your standard deviation (SD) and calculates 20 cases and keep the best and the worst case.

The SD is an indicator how swingy your play is. For example: A supermarket sells nuts at 1000 per pack and you have bought 5 packs. You open the packs and count the nuts. 1st pack contains 1005 nuts = +5, 2nd is 998 = -2, 3rd is -4, 4th is +3 and the 5th is +1. The deviations are 5, 2, 4, 3, 1 and it doesn’t matter if it’s plus or minus. The standard deviation is (5+2+4+3+1)/5 = 3. If you buy a pack of nuts, you have to expect a deviation of 3 nuts per pack. If you have a winrate of +10bb per 100 hands and a SD of 20bb you have to expect a result between -10bb to +30bb per 100 hands for your next sessions.

Are you a solid winning player and wondering why you need so many Big Blinds to keep the “Risk of Ruin” lower than 5%? That’s because of your high “Standard Deviation” and that’s a result of entering sessions with zero hours duration. Filter out the sessions shorter than 1 hour duration and check your “Risk of Ruin” again. You need to enter a real session duration to see a real variance calculation. If you already entered sessions with zero hours duration, you need to edit this sessions (long press the session) and enter the correct end time.

Maintaining your bankroll

This section allows you to bulk edit your bankroll entries. You can change location names, for example, to combine sessions at “Aria Vegas” and “Aria Casino Vegas” into one location. There is no location database in PBT. If you add a session with the location “Aria”, you will find this location in the drop-down list when you enter the next session. This drop-down list contains all the locations you have previously entered in one of your sessions. If you want to rename a location or merge two locations, go to Bankroll and swipe to the “Maintenance” tab. In addition, you can also change the names of games, hide games or locations, as well as find duplicate entries in your bankroll.

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Pro version

The Pro version is available on an annual subscription basis and is currently priced at €19.99 EUR/year (€1.67 EUR/month). Prices may vary slightly by country. To find the price for your country, click on the Account icon at the bottom of the menu and go to the “Pro Version” tab. Here you will see the price for your country and the detailed benefits that the Pro version offers over the Free version.

The subscription is an annual subscription that renews automatically until you cancel it. The subscription is between you and Apple (iOS AppStore) or you and Google (Android PlayStore). We have no influence on e.g. rejected payment methods. You need to contact Apple/Google directly.

To manage or cancel your subscription, click on “Manage Your Subscription” in the “Pro Version” tab. If you have an Android device but no access to the Google Play Store, you can download the app directly from our website and pay with PayPal.

If you have any trouble with the Pro version, please check also:

Transfer your data to a new device

Make sure you have at least version 5.0 of the app installed on your old device and that you are logged in to your PBT account. Your data will then be automatically synchronized with our server. To be 101% sure, you can download a CSV backup of your data. Install the PBT app on your new device and log in to your PBT account. Your data will be automatically transferred to your new device.

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