Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why doesn’t the app show my pro status?

Go to the Pro Version page and click on “check Pro status” to restore your Pro status. If the app still not restore your Pro status, please check the following steps:

  • First of all: the Pro subscription is an annual subscription, maybe your subscription is expired?
  • The Pro subscription is managed by Apple (iOS) or Google (Android) and is linked to your Apple or Google account. If you switch systems, e.g. if you have subscribed under Android but want to use the Pro version under iOS, please note the text below:

If you switch from Apple to Android or vice versa:

  • Open PBT on your old device and log in to your PBT account. Go to the Pro version page and click on “check your pro status”. This will link the Pro version subscription to your PBT account. Make sure you have the latest App version (5.x or higher) installed!
  • Install the App on your new device and log in to your PBT account. That’s it, the Pro version is also available on your new device.
  • Don’t forget to cancel your Pro version subscription on your old system (Google Play Store or Apple App Store). Otherwise, your subscription will auto-renew and you need your old device again to transfer the status to your new device. You can re-subscribe to the Pro version on your new device when the old subscription expired.
  • If you don’t have access to your old device, please send a bug report with the text “switch Pro version to the new system” and we will activate the Pro version manually.

Android user:

  • The Pro subscription is linked to your Google account. You must be signed in to the same Google account that you used to purchase the Pro version. Open the Poker Bankroll Tracker, go to the Pro version page and click on „Manage your subscriptions“. This will open the Google PlayStore where you can manage your active subscriptions. If you can’t find your subscription here, you may not be logged into the PlayStore with the same Google account that you used to subscribe.

Apple user:

  • If you check your Pro status, you will be asked to log into your Apple account. You have to log in to access your pro status.
  • The Pro subscription is linked to your Apple account. You must be signed in to the same Apple account that you used to purchase the Pro version. Open the Poker Bankroll Tracker, go to the Pro version page and click on „Manage your subscriptions“. This will open your Apple account details where you can manage your active subscriptions. If you can’t find your subscription here, you may not be logged into the AppStore with the same Apple account that you used to subscribe.

If the app still doesn’t recognise your Pro status, click on “Manage your subscriptions” on the Pro version page and send us a screenshot of your active subscription to Please also tell us your Apple ID or Google ID.

Why does the Pro version subscription price change sometimes?

We are based in Europe and calculate prices in euros. We charge 19.99 EUR for the Pro version annual subscription (which is only 1.67 EUR per month). Once a year we adjust the prices for all currencies to the current exchange rates (19.99 EUR = ??? IN YOUR CURRENCY). That means, depending on how strong your local currency is and how high the tax in your Country is, your subscription price sometimes rises slightly and sometimes decreases a bit.

In case of price changes, you will always be notified by Google or Apple and you need to agree to them before the next debit occurs. If you do not agree to the price change, your subscription will be canceled.

Why do we offer only subscriptions and not a single purchase?

I continue to develop the app and I have to be compensated somehow. In the past, you bought “Windows XP”, then “Windows 7” and then “Windows 8” etc. In my eyes a better solution is an annual fee, so I can continuously develop the app and provide new features directly. If I would publish a new app version every year (e.g. “PBT2”), you would always have to buy it and get the new features only once a year. Besides, you would have to install “PBT2” and transfer all data from “PBT1”, every year. That would be cumbersome and would have more disadvantages than advantages for both sides.

How do I transfer my data to another device?

Make sure that you have at least app version 5.0 or newer installed on your old device and that you are logged in to your PBT account. Then your data will be automatically synchronized with our server.
To be 101% on the safe side, you can download a CSV backup of your data under “Account & Settings”.
Install the PBT app on your new device and log in to your PBT account. Your data will be transferred to your new device automatically.

Why I don’t see my friend’s results?

If you don’t see your friend’s results on your Homescreen, check the following:

  • Both players must allow each other to follow.
  • Your Homescreen shows only your friend’s sessions for the last 7 days.
  • Make sure your friend doesn’t mark his session as privat.
  • The Leaderboard shows friend’s who have played at least 5 sessions in the last 3 months. They also have to release their 3-month-trend.

How do I remove a location from the database?

There isn’t a location database. When you add a session with location “Name XY” you will find this location in the drop-down when you enter the next session. In this drop-down, you will find all locations you have entered before. If you want to rename a location, go to Bankroll and swipe to the bulk edit tab. Choose “location” from the drop-down and the location you like to change. Enter the new name and click on edit. If you just want to hide a location from the list, choose “location list” and click on the eye symbol to hide it.

How to handle withdrawals or expenses?

If you want to insert expenses for more than one session, like flight and hotel costs for a trip, go to Bankroll > add a new session and select “Costs” instead of “Cash Game” or “Tournament”. Smaller expenses such as Parking fees incurred by a session can be entered directly in the field “Expenses” in the session.

Why does my bankroll summary seems incorrect?

If your bankroll summary shows an incorrect amount, check the following things:

  • Is your default currency correct? The bankroll overview shows your profit in your default currency which you can choose in the settings. When you play in Canada but your default currency is $USD your bankroll overview shows an $USD amount, not an $CAD amount.
  • Do you have a session in a foreign currency? Let’s say your default currency is USD and your profit so far is $1000 USD. You travel to Australia and play a session in AUD where you win $100 AUD (exchange rate $1 AUD = $0.65 USD). Your session overview should now show $1065 USD total profit.
  • Have you setup a filter? If you filter your bankroll like “year = 2019” your bankroll overview contains only sessions from 2019.

Why does my BB/hour seems incorrect?

Sometimes you have a big gap between your BB/hour and hourly. Here is an example of how this could happen: You played a 1 hour cash game session with blinds $1/$2 and an profit of $200 which is 100BB/hour. Your second session is also 1 hour but with blinds $2/$4 and a loss of -$300 which is -75BB/hour. You played 2 hours, lost -$100 and your hourly is -$50/hour. You won 100BB in your first session and lost 75BB in the second session. As a result you won 25BB or 12.5BB/hour but lost -$100 or -$50/hour.

Why does my playing time seems incorrect?

If your playing time in hours seems to be too long, this is often due to incorrectly entered sessions. For example, a session is entered with a start date of July 11, 2022 and an end date of July 11, 2023. To find these sessions, use the “Duration Filter” and search for sessions that lasted longer than 24 hours. If you find an incorrect session, press and hold it to edit it and correct the data.

Why do I need so many stacks to avoid going broke? Is the variance calculation wrong?

Are you a solid winning player and wondering why you need more than 1000 stacks to keep the “Risk of Ruin” lower than 5%? That’s because of your high “Standard Deviation” and that’s a result of entering sessions with zero hours duration. Filter out the sessions shorter than 1 hour duration and check your “Risk of Ruin” again. You need to enter a real session duration to see a real variance calculation. If you already entered sessions with zero hours duration, you need to edit this sessions (long press the session) and enter the correct end time.

I don’t have a comma on my keyboard and can’t enter decimal numbers

Some Android keyboards don’t offer a comma on number input fields and it isn’t possible to enter decimal amounts. In this case you can transform all number input fields to text input fields. Go to the settings and activate the transform button.

Is there a limit to the number of sessions the app can handle?

No, but the performance is better with 1000 instead of 10000 sessions. The Poker Bankroll Tracker is primarily made for live poker and even a professional poker player rarely has so many sessions. That’s the reason why we don’t support importing sessions from Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager (PC Software). The database of these software are often very huge and would end up in a very poor performance on a mobile phone. In addition, we are constantly working to improve the performance.

How to import a CSV export from another app?

Currently, you can directly import CSV backups from the following apps:

  • Poker Analytics
  • Poker Expert
  • Poker Income
  • Poker Journal
  • Poker Ledger
  • Poker Track Pro
  • Run Good

Navigate to Account & Settings, scroll down, click on “Import from CSV”, choose the app from which the CSV comes and import your file directly. You don’t need to edit the file before.

When you export your data from Poker Income, you will receive an email with only text. The attached CSV files are blank. Copy the text into a text editor and save the file as *.csv! Now you can import this file into your PBT account.

How to create/edit and import a CSV file into the Poker Bankroll Tracker App?

  • To edit or create a CSV file, we recommend the free Spreadsheet program of Open Office.
  • Your CSV file must contain certain headline fields. You can see the exact structure in this example file.
  • After editing, upload the file from your Computer to our Server:
  • Important: The CSV file must be saved with the character set “UTF-8”, the field separator “,” and the first row must contain “—PBT Bankroll Export—” only!

These are the certain fields and the available values:

Column headerAvailable valuesDeclaration
starttimeStart of the session, for example: 2017-01-23 18:30:00must be in the following ISO format: YEAR-MONTH-DAY HOUR:MINUTES:SECONDS (24 hours time format)
endtimeEnd of the session, for example: 2017-01-24 01:12:00must be in the following ISO format: YEAR-MONTH-DAY HOUR:MINUTES:SECONDS (24 hours time format)
breakminutesBreaks in minutes 
playingminutesPlaying time in minutesThis field is optional, You don’t need it to import. It makes the calculation of the real playing time on the computer easier.
variantCash Game, Tournament, Casino Games, Jackpot/Bonus, Costs, Deposit/PayoutUse “Deposit/Payout” for withdraw and “Costs” for hotel or other extra costs.
gameTexas Holdem, Omaha or what ever you have played 
limitNo Limit, Pot Limit, Spread Limit, Limit, Mix 
locationThe name of the locationcompulsory field, not allowed characters are \ ‘ [ ] { }
typeHome Game, Casino, Online, Club 
buyinYour buyinwithout Rebuys or Addons
cashoutYour cashouttotal Amount
netprofitYour net profitThis field is optional, You don’t need it to import. It shows you the net profit on the computer.
grossprofitYour gross profitThis field is optional, You don’t need it to import. It shows you the gross profit on the computer.
sharesincomingsYour incomeif you don’t sell shares, leave it blank
sharesoutgoingsYour outgoingsif you don’t sell shares, leave it blank
rebuysNumber of Rebuys 
rebuycostsTotal costs of Rebuys 
addoncostsTotal costs of Addonsonly for tournaments
bountiesWinnings from Bountiesonly for tournaments
bountycostsCosts of Bountiesonly for tournaments, payed with the Tournament Buyin
smallblindThe small blindonly for cash games
bigblindThe big blindonly for cash games
3rdblindAn optional 3rd blindonly for cash games
anteThe anteonly for cash games
exchangerate1 for exampleIf you play in your default currency, the exchange rate is 1. If you play in EUR and your default currency is USD for example, the exchange rate is around 1.05 (February 2017).
tablesizeHeads-Up, Short-Handed, Full-Ring 
expensesExpenses like parking 
expensesfromstackExpenses like tips payed from stack during a cash game sessiononly for cash games
handsperhourHow many hands did you played per hour 
placeThe place you madeonly for tournaments
playerThe number of players who participated in the tournamentonly for tournaments
itmThe number of players who have come into the money.only for tournaments
mttnameName of the tournament, for example: Daily Deepstackonly for tournaments
startstackStartstackonly for tournaments
private0 or 1 (1 = don’t show the session to your friends)it will be created by the app, just leave it blank when you create a new CSV
casinoidNumberit will be created by the app, just leave it blank when you create a new CSV
stakingyes or nodo you staked someone or played by yourself
stakingplayerThe name of the player you staked 
sessionnoteA note about the session 
notes Notes about the chip trend it will be created by the app, just leave it blank when you create a new CSV
chipgraph it will be created by the app, just leave it blank when you create a new CSV
updatetimesUnix timestamp of the live-chipcount updatesit will be created by the app, just leave it blank when you create a new CSV

I’m a vlogger, can i use your replayer in my videos?

Of course, feel free to use our hand replayer in your videos or any social media platform. We also have a bluescreen replayer (link) if you want to overlay it.